Bad Girls get Paddled – A Sophia Fragment

Bad Girls get Spanked

Bad Girls get Spanked

“Lie over my lap.”

Sophia lowered her eyelashes and bent her head. She sniffed, and I heard her whimper low in her throat as she walked slowly toward me. And though she was pouting, I could see insolence in her lowered eyes; they seemed to flash her defiance with every blink. Sophia wasn’t at all sorry for what she had done.
She stood beside me and began to undress, fumbling with the buttons on her blouse.

“That won’t be necessary,” I said. “Just lie over my lap. Now!”

Sophia stopped fiddling with the buttons, and for the first time, I saw a flash of fear in her brown eyes. By the time I was finished, there would be more than fear in her eyes.

As Sophia stretched out across my lap, I put my arm across her back, and she hugged my legs tight. I lifted her short skirt, and exposed her  wondrous, light brown ass. I love my Hispanic girlfriend and every inch of her gorgeous brown flesh. I patted her bottom absently.

“This is for your own good, Sophia.” I leaned to one side and selected a thin, wide paddle 3/8 of an inch thick and a little over 4 inches wide. I knew this particular paddle would sting sharply and get her attention quickly. “You could have been hurt, my pet.” I rubbed her smooth, hard cheeks, which were cool to the touch underneath her cotton panties. Soon, her lovely buttocks would be warm – very warm.

But there was no rush for this punishment. I lingered, enjoying the experience of administering a corrective spanking to my lovely, misguided girlfriend. And I did so enjoy her ass.

I licked my lips and raised the paddle to shoulder height. On my lap, Sophia tensed. She took a firmer grip on my legs. And thought I couldn’t see her face, I knew Sophia’s eyes were tightly closed in anticipation of this first strike. The silence in the room was palpable, and Sophia held her breath. The muscles of her thighs and butt twitched in anticipation of the paddling she was about to receive.

Whoosh – CRACK!

Sophia jumped in my grasp as her body jolted at the impact of wood to flesh.

“Damnit, Alice!” she gasped. “That hurts!” Her brown butt cheeks reddened as blood rushed to where the impact had struck. “Shit!” I heard the fear in her voice as she felt the sting of that swat begin to spread out across the flesh of her butt.

“Count, Sophia!” I raised the paddle again. There was much more to come, and I wanted Sophia to remember each and every strike. “No words out of your mouth, except the count.”

“One,” Sophia moaned, kicking her feet. She was still too surprised to sob; that would change very soon.

But I waited to deliver the next swat. There was no rush. None at all. I wanted the pain of the first strike to settle into her ass before I delivered another stinging blow to her butt. Smiling, I raised the paddle the paddle high and targeted the area where the bubble of her butt met her thighs.

Whoosh – CRACK!

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  1. Glad to see morw bloggers enjoying this.

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