Sophia’s Spanking – #SatSpanks and #ASMSG

Bad Girls get Spanked

Bad Girls get Spanked

We were having a quiet dinner, a wonderful roast chicken that Sophia had obviously spent hours preparing. All of my favorites were there, spread out on a beautifully set table: mashed potatoes with gravy, green bean casserole, a freshly baked apple pie, and a lovely bottle of white wine.

Something was up. The meal was too perfect for the kind of rush-around days that were so common in the spring. Business was brisk, and yet Sophia had taken the time to put together an awesome meal.

“This is delicious,” I said, looking over my glass at my girlfriend. She blushed and looked down at her plate.

“Do you really think so, Alice?” she said softly.

Sophia didn’t look up. Something was definitely wrong. I carefully laid my fork on the table and touched the corner of my mouth with a napkin. “What’s wrong, Sophia?”

For a moment, Sophia was silent, though she wiggled uncomfortably in her chair. Then, Sophia straightened, looked me in the eye and pulled a note from her pocket and handed it across the table to me. She didn’t flinch, but her hand shook.

I looked down at the paper in my hand. It wasn’t the note that I thought it was. “Do you care to explain this?” I held the traffic ticket up and turned it till it was facing Sophia.

“I got caught speeding,” Sophia said calmly. “I was coming around the bend by Parker’s Creek-”

I didn’t let Sophia finish. This was the third ticket she’d gotten in a month – more than $500 in fines!

I leaped out of my chair and grabbed Sophia by her thick, dark ponytail. Yanking her forward, I bent Sophia across the table. I stepped quickly around behind her. Before she knew what was happening, Sophia’s skirt was tucked into her waistband and I had yanked her panties down around her ankles.

“Another ticket!” I was enraged. We couldn’t afford the tickets, nor the increase in our vehicle insurance, and Sophia was perilously close to losing her license. I raised my hand high. “Count them, Sophia!” I took a quick measure of her beautiful round bottom before I let my hand fall.


“One!” Sophia’s voice was sharp, and the number came out in a bark. “Please, Alice. No more!”


“Two!” Tears choked her voice. “Alice, I promise-”


“Th-th-three!” Sophia knew better than to lose the count, but still she pleaded with me between strokes. “Alice, oh god, Alice; it hurts!”


The sound of my hand meeting Sophia’s bottom got louder and faster, and she gritted her teeth while she sobbed out each and every stroke.

Internally I decided that 20 hard smacks would get the message across to Sophia that tickets for speeding were inexcusable. Besides, we still had a bottle of wine to finish and a long night ahead of us.


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13 responses to “Sophia’s Spanking – #SatSpanks and #ASMSG

  1. Whoa! Alice doesn’t mess around, does she? Right at the dinner table? I like the fact that she can read Sophia so well. Shows that she’s paying attention, although I’ll bet Sophia wishes Alice was a little less observant.

    • I’ve spanked Sophia at the dinner table; while we were relaxing watching TV; and once in the park. Sometimes I make her wait in the corner. Other times punishment is swift! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Another hot read. Alice your stories always send a delightful shiver down my spine. 🙂

  3. Great snippet:) You should join us for Seductive Studs & Sirens too! (LGBT bloghop)

  4. Swift action! No wonder Sophia was so scared.

  5. “Besides we still had a bottle of wine to finish” lol, priorities!

    • A good spanking always goes with a good bottle of wine. Most folks think that it has to be red wine, but I’ve found white works just fine. 😉 Thanks for coming by, my dear.

  6. Loved this Alice! If she thinks about it I’m sure Sophia would agree. Waiting is worse and she still got to have her dinner, the wine and whatever else the long evening had in store 🙂

  7. Reblogged this on mastererotica60 and commented:
    An amazing writer/author

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