Naughty Ana Surfs Where She Shouldn’t – #SatSpanks #Seductive SnS #ASMSG

Alice looked across her desk at Ana and sighed. Ana was a new employee, young, impressionable and very talented. But she was too good at her job, finishing each task quickly, and then dashing out across the Internet to sites like Facebook and Twitter. Sighing again, Alice picked up a sheet of paper from her desk. Her dark eyes scanned it quickly.

“I don’t think you understand our company policy, Ana, otherwise you would have remembered that your computer use is monitored throughout the day.” Alice glanced over the top of the paper. Ana gasped and quickly averted her eyes, looking down at her feet. “Your activities have been logged, young lady. Each and every site that you’ve visited. This cannot continue,” Alice said firmly. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Ana whispered. Her dark hair obscured Ana’s eyes, and her chin was pushed firmly against her chest.

“And some of these Web sites that you’ve been visiting…” Alice’s voice trailed off. She carefully laid the paper on her desk. “I wouldn’t call them family-friendly sites, would you?” Ana shuffled her feet, but said nothing. “I think these sites suggest a certain kind of punishment.” Alice opened a desk drawer and slowly slid a paddle from its depths.

As the drawer squeaked open, Ana looked up through her bangs. “Oh,” she said, her pretty mouth rounding out her small cry.

“Your misbehavior in this office will not be tolerated.” Alice placed the paddle on her desk. “Look at me, Ana.”

Ana finally raised her head and met Alice’s dark eyes.

“There are people who think that a young woman of your age is too old to lay across my lap for a sound spanking.” Alice smiled sweetly, though her dark eyes glittered. “But given your choice of Web sites, I think you’ll understand why I am not one of those people.”

Ana’s voice was a whisper, and she knotted her hands in front of her waist. “No ma’am,” she said, blushing furiously.

“Very well, Ana.” Alice nodded. “Take off your jacket, and I will deal appropriately with your wayward visits on the Internet.”

Trembling, Ana stood and removed her jacket. She folded it neatly, and then placed it on Alice’s desk.

“Now come around my desk,” Alice said, pushing her chair back. Ana moved slowly, her mind a-whirl. This was all happening so quickly!

Alice guided the young woman across her lap, noting that Ana’s fingers and toes barely touched the floor on either side.

For her part, Ana quaked with fear; but she wasn’t uncomfortable in the grip of her supervisor. Alice’s strength was apparent in her tight grasp around Ana’s waist, and the young woman nestled herself tightly against her boss’s firm flesh.

Alice laid the paddle on Ana’s back, and then lifted the hem of the young woman’s skirt. She raised it raised it high, gathering the material and folding it neatly. Alice tucked the gathered skirt into Ana’s belt, revealing crisp, white panties.

Ana wiggled and subconsciously lifted her own hips as Alice drew the panties down smoothly over her pale bottom, leaving the silky material bunched at Ana’s knees. The young woman’s bottom was bare and quivering in anticipation.

Alice took up the paddle again and patted it gently against each of Ana’s cheeks.

Ana tensed as the cool wooden surface met her expectant flesh.

“Relax your bottom, Ana,” Alice whispered. “I don’t want you to bruise.”


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37 responses to “Naughty Ana Surfs Where She Shouldn’t – #SatSpanks #Seductive SnS #ASMSG

  1. Wow, Alice, your Alice is very strict. Break the rules and pay the penalty–take no prisoners, no second chances. Poor Ana. Bet she’ll limit her future surfing to her home computer. Tantalizing snippet, even if you did exceed your limit. Good thing I’m more lenient than Alice is.

  2. ROFL I want to see Ana’s response. *snicker*

  3. That was hot, Alice! Nothing like a little office discipline if you ask me.

    • Office discipline is fun! Of course, at my real office, most times I want to shoot my boss, and I’d never spank him (though I know he wants it!). Thanks for reading, Natasha!

  4. No, no, no! Poor Ana! I am sure that she was innocent. She was framed.

    (That it is wonderful writing, as usual, is beside the point!)

    • *o poo* Ana wasn’t framed. She was naughty and got spanked for it. πŸ™‚

      Thanks, dear. I appreciate your kind thoughts. Have an awesome weekend.

  5. Doesn’t want her to bruise! How thoughtful! Seriously, this is excellent, Alice.

  6. Doesn’t want her to bruise. How thoughtful! Heh. Seriously, this is awesome-hot, Alice.

  7. β€œThere are people who think that a young woman of your age is too old to lay across my lap for a sound spanking.” Alice smiled sweetly, though her dark eyes glittered. β€œBut given your choice of Web sites, I think you’ll understand why I am not one of those people.” LOVE it.

    If every employee who used company computers for personal use were spanked, there’s be a whole lot of red bottoms. Love the scenarios you come up with for spankings, Alice. You’re so good.

    • You say the kindest things, Cara! Thank you. Now all we need is an office full of naughty folks surfing inappropriate sites on the Internet. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for reading, dear.

  8. Hey now has that company ever thought about an internet filter blocking Facebook etc? πŸ˜›

  9. I love no-nonsense Alice. She knows just what to do with a naughty employee, who will surely love what’s coming to her.

  10. “But she was too good at her job, finishing each task quickly, and then dashing out across the Internet to sites like Facebook and Twitter.” This had me laughing. Ana makes me tired with the amount she accomplishes in a day. That was a hot little story Alice!

    • Thanks, Casey! And you are so right … Ana is a amazing in the amount of good things that she does. It almost made me feel guilty about the spanking. … almost.

      Thanks for reading!

  11. All I can say is…WOW! I am squirming in my seat.

  12. I love through the dominance she tells Ana (*SNORT*) to relax. I’m sorry but I had to picture our Ana. Very hot, I want to know what happens next….

  13. Great build-up — I can feel Ana’s tension at being called out by her boss, and how it changes into something else after the big boss lady gets down to business. πŸ™‚

    Excuse me while I go turn on my fan, it’s a little warm in here for some reason . . .

  14. reneeroseauthor

    Ana got spanked!!! She was very naughty, wasn’t she?

  15. Poor Ana and she’s so good at her job, but she shouldn’t be on those websites during work hours. Sounds like Alice takes no prisoners.

    • Too good, too talented, and clearly surfing the naughty sites. I think that she got what she deserved. But then, as you’ve pointed out, Alice does not take any prisoners, nor does she tolerate the slightest misbehaviors. πŸ™‚ And for that reason, Alice likes naughty girls.

      Thanks for reading, Mary Sue! Good to have you on the hop

  16. I loved this Alice! Very entertaining. It’s like watching one of your friends get smacked at school. You kind of feel sorry for them but not really lol

    • I love that analogy, Constance! I hadn’t thought of it, but you’re right – it’s exactly like that. Thanks for reading this one. I had fun!

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