Stephanie’s Caning – a fragment


Naughty girls need a spanking!

Stephanie looked up as the door to their bedroom opened. The time had come, and she trembled with the knowledge that her Mistress was about to punish her.

A tall woman entered the room. Her shoulder-length hair was tied into a long, black braid, and her dark eyes flashed with anger. As Stephanie watched, her Mistress locked the door, and for the first time the frightened girl’s fear nearly got the better of her when she saw the supple cane in the hand of her Mistress.

Stephanie sat on the end of the bed, clutching the coverlet so tightly that her knuckles were white. She kept her gaze down, not meeting the eyes of her Mistress.

Casually tapping her leg with the cane, Stephanie’s Mistress walked slowly to the window and drew the blinds. With the lights off, the room was plunged into near darkness. A single shaft of light came through an opening in the blinds, and cruelly highlighted the cane in her Mistress’s hand.

A ladder back chair sat against one wall, and the Mistress pulled it slowly into the middle of the room. When it was in position, the Mistress tapped Stephanie lightly on her legs with the end of the cane.

“All right Stephanie,” she murmured. “Stand up and take off your blouse.”

Stephanie’s mouth opened and closed. No sound came out, and she stood miserably at the end of the bed. Her fingers fumbled with the buttons to her blouse, but she eventually managed them and shed herself of the clothing.

“Bra, too,” the Mistress said. “And don’t drop it on the floor. Fold it neatly, and place it on the bed.”

A single tear slipped down Stephanie’s cheek as she unfastened the catch and slipped out of her bra. Folding it carefully, she laid the garment on the edge of the bed.

“It’s time, Stephanie,” her Mistress said. “Lift up your skirt and bend over the top of the chair and grip the seat.”

Stephanie had never been so scared. Tears stung her eyes, and she gasped. “Please Mistress,” she whispered. “Don’t cane me.”

The Mistress was accustomed to her pet’s pleading whenever Stephanie broke the rules. It was almost as if the young woman forgot each session as soon as her stripes disappeared.

“Don’t waste my time, Stephanie.” The Mistress slashed the air with the cane. “Do as I say!”

Stephanie shook her head slightly from side to side, but approached the chair. As she did so, her Mistress caught her by the arm. “Your skirt,” she said.

Before Stephanie could move any further, her Mistress crouched and gripped the hem of her cotton skirt. Carefully, she rolled up the back of the skirt and tucked it into Stephanie’s waistband. The silky material of Stephanie’s panties was now exposed, and the young woman stood with her knees locked, a fine tremor shaking her body.

Her Mistress lightly touched the young woman’s smooth, soft thighs and noted that Stephanie had worn gray knee socks as ordered. The Mistress smiled and straightened. Putting her hand to the back of Stephanie’s neck, the Mistress gently pushed the young woman forward.

“Bend over, Stephanie.”

The young woman leaned over the top of the chair-back and gripped the seat below. Her Mistress adjusted her pet’s position, pushing her more tightly into the chair, so that Stephanie rose up on her toes.

The Mistress snagged the waistband of the young woman’s silky panties with her finger tips and drew them down into a shiny puddle at Stephanie’s ankles. Stephanie remained still, though her tears had already begun to fall. The roundness of her lovely bottom was now bare to her Mistress’s view.

“Keep your knees together,” her Mistress murmured, raising the supple cane high above her shoulder. “This is going to hurt.”

Erotic Books and Stories by Alice Dark

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  1. Now, this sounds harsh! 😀 *evil grin*

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