Marie Earns a Switching – a fragment

Marie took a deep breath. “Please, Gloria,” she said. “I didn’t mean it. “Last night was a mistake.”

“I’m disappointed in you, Marie.” Gloria silently shook her head. “I thought what we have together means more to than a quick, one night stand with some bimbo.”

“It does, Gloria!” Marie pleaded.

Gloria pursed her lips. This was the second time in as many weeks that Marie had stepped out of their relationship for a quick and meaningless fling. If Gloria didn’t punish her girlfriend, it would happen again. Wistfully, she gazed out the kitchen window at the huge willow tree in the backyard. Then Gloria nodded once to herself as if making up her mind.

“All right, Marie,” she said. “You want this to work? Then go outside and cut a switch off that willow tree.” Marie looked up in surprise. “I’m going to give you a spanking.”

Marie’s eyes widened with fear. “Gloria, please!” she begged her girlfriend. “Please don’t switch me! I promise I’ll never cheat again.”

Marie was still pleading even as Gloria pulled a butcher knife from the knife block on the counter.

“I’m not going to say it again.” Expertly, Gloria flipped the knife around so that she held it by the blade, then handed it to Marie.

Tearfully, Marie accepted the knife. She opened her mouth to beg again, but saw Gloria’s rigid stance. There would be no arguing her girlfriend out of this. Marie hung her head and shuffled out of the kitchen. She paused long enough at the door to look back at her girlfriend; Gloria had her arms folded across her chest, a stern look on her face. A single tear fell on Marie’s cheek as she pushed the door open and walked like a doomed girl to the tree outside.

Marie knew what was expected of her. She cut and trimmed a switch about four feet long. It was an inch thick at the base and tapered to a thin whip of a switch. Keeping her eyes firmly on the switch in her hands, Marie walked as slowly as she could: across the lawn, up the back porch stairs, and finally to the back door. The teary-eyed girl shook as she pushed the door open and handed the switch to a still-fuming Gloria. It was then that Marie noticed that a straight-backed chair had been pushed into the middle of the kitchen floor.

Gloria examined the switch. “Yes,” she said, swishing it through the air several times. “That’s perfect.” Marie cringed at the evil hiss of the switch as it cut the air. “All right, Marie. Take off your pants, and bend over the back of the chair.”

“Please, Gloria,” Marie pleaded. “Don’t do this.” But Gloria’s silence spoke volumes; There would be no reprieve. Tearfully, Marie unzipped her jeans and pushed them down to her ankles, baring her milky-white thighs.

“Your underwear,” Gloria said. She pointed the switch at Marie’s silky undergarments. “Pull them down.”

By now, tears streaked Marie’s red face, but she obediently turned her back and pulled down her panties, exposing her pale, well-shaped buttocks. With the silky panties at mid-thigh, she shuffled to the chair and bent over its ladder-back.

“Grip the seat tightly,” Gloria said.

Marie, her bare bottom thrust high in the air, whimpered.

Gloria raised the switch high above her head. “Don’t let go of that seat, Marie,” she said lowly, and then swung with all her strength.


5 responses to “Marie Earns a Switching – a fragment

  1. Aww! This story is so cute! Having to cut your own switch down off the tree was the worst! If only it was more…..a public spanking. 😀 or….at least outside in the backyard where anyone that was in the area could see or hear the switching going on. Now that’s humiliation. 😀 I am so evil, aren’t I?

    • So wicked you are! I thought about writing it so that Marie was whipped outside, but I really like that ladder-backed chair. Sophia calls it the “Spanking Chair.” 🙂

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