Spanking Sophia in the Kitchen – a fragment

“All right, Sophia. I’ve had enough. Take off your skirt and blouse.” Alice’s mood shifted quickly. She was tired of her girlfriend’s nonsense.

“But, Alice!”

“No buts, young lady.”

Sighing in resignation, Sophia stood and unzipped her skirt, and then let it slither to the floor. She picked it up and folded the garment neatly before placing on a chair. Sophia fiddled with the buttons on her blouse, stalling for time. She knew what was coming. Sophia pursed her lips as the last button came undone, then removed her white blouse.

“Your hose, too.” Alice gestured at Sophia’s legs, slick with the black nylon.

Her girlfriend nodded and gripped the table as she twisted free of the pantyhose. As she bent forward, Alice admired her girlfriend’s deep cleavage, and unconsciously licked her lips.

Free of the pantyhose, Sophia stood erect, hands clasped at her waist. She felt vulnerable, standing in their kitchen wearing nothing but bra and panties. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment, but she was also excited.

“Come here, and lay across my lap.” Alice pushed her chair back from the table; it slid smoothly over the polished hardwood floor.

Almost collapsing with anticipation, Sophia shuffled over and draped herself over Alice’s lap. She took a deep breath as Alice encircled her waist with her left arm and adjusted her position. Sophia closed her eyes as her girlfriend laid one hand on pantied bottom and caressed her cheeks. Sophia shivered.

“Mmm,” she moaned, as Alice’s fingers hooked the waistband of her panties and pulled them back enough to expose her behind. Sophia’s thighs were pressed tightly together, and her panties were trapped at her crotch. Not deterred, Alice wedged her hand between her girlfriend’s legs and pressed her fingers against the young woman’s pussy. Sophia groaned and spread her legs slightly. Alice eased the white cotton panties down Sophia’s legs, until they dangled from her ankles.

Then, without warning, Alice slapped Sophia’s bottom with a firm hand. A stinging slap that brought a squirt of arousal to Sophia. In response, Sophia pressed down hard with her pussy, grinding against Alice’s lap. Out of the corner of her eye, Sophia saw Alice’s hand rise high above her head.

Sophia raised her butt to meet the smack and gripped the spokes of the chair tightly.

3 responses to “Spanking Sophia in the Kitchen – a fragment

  1. Love hot stories like that, wonder if you could spank her in the back yard outside next time? Be more embarrassing and humiliating but will it make her *wet* if she knew she could, possibility being watched outside while spanked? Of course if you don’t have a backyard I understand. Maybe open up a window, where people could see if they are looking? Spank her with something that makes a lot of noise so people can hear? Just throwing out suggestions. 🙂

    • You are a wicked one, my pet, and Sophia would to spank your ass. And even though she’s Catholic, she’s superstitious. She believes in spells and ghosts and stuff like that. At this moment, she’s imagining you with a very warm butt! 😉

      • I would let her, I’m nice like that, but I am a switch, so would like to take a turn on her as well. Oh and unfortunately I don’t believe that kinda stuff, it would be one thing if she was here warming my butt in person… 😛

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