Office Spanking – a fragment

Spanked_roommaid“A spanking, Miss Wilkins? Are you suggesting I spank you?” Alice looked up and considered the young lady standing on the other side of her desk. Jennifer Wilkins had her hands clasped behind her back. Her head was down, and an errant strand of blond hair dangled in her face. “Are you sure that’s what you want?” Alice asked softly, savoring the awkward moment between boss and employee. Only minutes earlier, Alice caught Jennifer surfing porn on company time, on a company computer. That kind of behavior was strictly against the rules, and grounds for immediate termination.

Jennifer stood on the other side of Alice’s desk, embarrassed and shifting slightly from foot to foot. She nodded her head slightly, acknowledging the desire for punishment, and another blush swept across her smooth skin.

“Miss Wilkins,” Alice said slowly, enunciating each word. “You are a young woman, well beyond the age of spanking, yet you’re suggesting that I take you over my knee?”

“Yes, ma’am, but I…” Jennifer cleared her throat. “Please don’t fire me, ma’am.” She caught her breath and rushed on. “If you would please just spank me, instead of firing me. I’d be so grateful!”

It was an ill-kept secret throughout the company that Alice had unusual methods of disciplining her office workers. Rumors of spankings were passed between secretaries over lunch, or at the water cooler. Miss Wilkins wasn’t certain that her boss would consider a spanking as opposed to termination, but she hoped that her boss would show leniency.

Alice paused for a moment, examining the young woman in front of her. Jennifer wore a long linen skirt that hugged her full hips. She had a generous bottom, almost made for a spanking. Jennifer was a pretty girl with smallish breasts and long blond hair that she kept pulled back in a tight pony tail. Alice licked her lips and smiled wickedly.

“If I take you over my knee, Miss Wilkins, you realize that I would spank your bare bottom so hard, that you would wish that you had been fired?”

Alice said the words calmly, so that Jennifer would make no mistake in understanding what was about to happen.

“But at least at least I’d still have a job.” Jennifer looked up and met Alice’s eyes. “I need the job, ma’am. I really need it.”

Alice took a deep breath and nodded. “After we’re finished here, you will walk through the office and let the other secretaries see your sore and red bottom, so that they understand what happens when they break the rules.”

Jennifer’s eyes widened; she hadn’t counted on a public display of her punishment!

“Now, Miss Wilkins.” Alice rolled her chair back. “Take off your skirt and panties, and lay across my lap.”

3 responses to “Office Spanking – a fragment

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  2. I’m just now seeing this, wow! I love the end where she has to walk through the office!

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