Natalie’s Spanking – a fragment

Spanking_Story002Natalie sucked in a huge breath, and her legs buckled with the stroke, yet she stayed in position and kept the count.


As I drew back the belt for another impact, I marvelled at Natalie’s capacity for pain. More than five months had passed since I’d whipped this beautiful girl, and I wondered if she had been spanked at all during that time.

I felt a sudden rush of adrenalin, and I laid into her jean-clad bottom with another lick of the belt.


Natalie’s legs bucked, but this time she didn’t cry out. She tossed her hair wildly and arched her back.

“One more, Natalie,” I said, raising the belt high. I didn’t hold back in the final impact, but swung with all of my might.

“S-s-sixxx.” The word was a hiss in Natalie’s mouth, and she stood up quickly, rubbing her behind and dancing on her toes. There were tears in her eyes, but she didn’t cry. Instead, her wide-eyed innocent look was replaced with a wicked smile. She threw her arms around around me and pulled me close. Natalie licked my neck.

“Please,” she whispered. “Spank me some more.” Without another word, she unbuttoned my blouse, then slowly slid down the zipper of my skirt. Her need was urgent, and her fingers danced across my skin.

She released me and stood back. Meeting my eyes directly, she slipped off her jeans and panties. I removed my blouse and stood before Natalie in just my bra and panties. Finally, she spoke.

“More,” she said. Moving slowly and deliberately, Natalie went over to the ladder-back chair, bent over, and presented me her bare bottom. I didn’t say another word, but picked up the strap again.

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