Tiffany Spanked for Leaving a Mess – a fragment

“We’ve gone over this before, Tiffany.” Laurie folded her arms across her breasts and scowled at her girlfriend, then pointed to a pair of satin panties that were balled up and thrown into the corner of the bathroom. An empty tube of Pure Romance Coochy Conditioning Shave Cream was in the sink next to Laurie’s very expensive Venus razor. The bathroom mirror was a mess: spatters of toothpaste and saliva streaked the glassy surface. “I’ve warned you about the consequences. You know what’s coming.”

Tiffany blanched visibly. “But Laurie! Please. I’ll clean it up. I promise.”

“You always say that you’ll clean up your mess, and then you do a half-ass job of that, too.”

“But I didn’t think you’d actually…” Tiffany gulped. “I didn’t think you’d really spank me!”

“You thought wrong.” Laurie grabbed her girlfriend by the wrist and dragged Tiffany into the bedroom. “I want to take off your pants and lay down on the bed.”

“My pants?”

Laurie narrowed her eyes. “Yes, I want you to take off your pants. Do you think you would remember this if spanked you over your pants?”

“But, Laurie!”

“Pants off, Tiffany.” Laurie was in no mood for arguments. “Now!”

Tiffany blushed, but dutifully un unzipped her jeans. She wriggled out the tight pants, and then dropped them to the floor. Laurie shook her head at the wad of blue material.

“You just never learn, do you?”

Shivering, Tiffany bent quickly and snatched up her jeans. She folded them once and placed them neatly on the bed.

“All right,” Laurie said. “Now lay down on the bed.”

Moving slowly, Tiffany bent over, then flopped onto the bed. Her blond hair fanned out around her head, and she tipped her head to the side. “Please,” she whispered. “You really don’t have to do this.”

“Yes, Tiffany. I do. I want you to know that leaving the bathroom in that state is is unacceptable. You are going to start cleaning up after yourself; do you understand me?” Laurie didn’t wait for an answer. She hooked her fingers in her girlfriend’s panties and yanked them down to Tiffany’s knees.

“Yes, ma’am,” Tiffany finally said. Her voice was low and fearful.

Laurie unbuckled her belt and slid it through the loops. “Maybe after this…” Laurie folded the belt over one time, and then lifted it high in the air. “…you’ll remember to clean up after yourself.”

The folded belt whistled as it cut the air, and Tiffany screamed when the leather struck her clenched bottom.

One response to “Tiffany Spanked for Leaving a Mess – a fragment

  1. Cute photo! It goes along with the story!

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