Sometimes the Spanker Cries – a fragment

She slipped her finger into the waistband of Staci’s plaid skirt and pulled her girlfriend closer. Looking up into Staci’s eyes, Andrea tugged again on her girlfriend’s skirt.

“You know what’s coming,” Andrea said simply.

Stacy resisted for a moment longer. She hadn’t meant to stay out so late, and the battery in her phone had died. It really wasn’t her fault at all that Andrea had worried herself sick. Staci wanted to say those things – to protest an unfair punishment. But instead, she acquiesced and let Andrea pull her gently across her lap.

“I really didn’t mean to worry you, Andrea.” Staci’s voice was a whisper. Her mind told her that this wasn’t fair; her heart told her it was necessary.

“I was really worried, Staci,” she scolded, steadying Staci in her lap. “I thought you were hurt.”

Staci stared at the hardwood floor below, her mind and heart warring with one another. Staci loved Andrea, but feared the spanking her girlfriend was about to deliver. Staci bit her lip and planted her hands and planted her hands firmly on the floor.

“I don’t want you to worry me like this ever again.” Andrea voice cracked as she raised Staci’s skirt and tucked it into her waistband. “Do you understand me?” Andrea hooked her fingers into Staci’s panties and drew them down to her knees.

Before she could answer, Staci felt a tear splash on her bottom – just one tiny drop that let Staci know much she had frightened her girlfriend.

“I understand,” Staci said. She wiggled until she was deep and safe in Andrea’s lap. She raised her bottom and closed her eyes.

Andrea lifted her hand and gave Staci a solid smack on the middle of her behind.

“Next time you’ll call me then?”

Another tear fell on Staci’s bottom. Even though her own phone had died, Staci could have borrowed another. “Yes, Andrea.” Another tear. Another hard smack. Staci’s stomach tightened. “I will call if I’m going to be late.”

Andrea smacked Staci’s bottom harder, this time on her right cheek, then even harder on the left. “I can’t worry about like this you ever again,” she said. By now, Andrea was crying freely as her hand rose and fell, spanking faster and sharper. Staci cried out with each smack, and her own tears puddled on the hardwood floor.

2 responses to “Sometimes the Spanker Cries – a fragment

  1. Different twist on things, but very very understandable.

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