Naughty Girl Service – Coming Next Week!

Naughty Girl Service by Alice Dark

Naughty Girl Service

Oftentimes, readers have their own ideas about stories and spanking scenes. They know what they want in a novel, but can’t quite put it into words. That’s why I created Spanking Fantasy, a page on my blog where you can enter the story of your dreams. And if that dream is something that I can work with, I’ll work it into a novel.

That’s what happened with Camp Spank. Two readers wrote me with different fantasies that could be combined into a single story. And now, I’m working on Naughty Girl Service – a new reader fantasy that just seems fun.

The premise is simple enough. A young man who is obsessed with beautiful behinds hires two women to come to his home and spank one another’s bottom cheeks while he watches. You’d think that would be a straight forward scene for any writer.

But I’m not known as @Bentalice for nothing. And if any of you have followed my writings, you know how I feel about men peeping on women – even if the girls know that he’s there.

So Naughty Girl Service takes a sudden twist midway through the story, and what was straight forward becomes decidedly bent. 😉

The story will be live early next week!


The silence stretched out, long and thin. Blake smiled nervously, wondering what would happen next. Aisha was calm and composed. She seemed happy to sit quietly and watch Blake as he fidgeted.


“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” The high wailing of the young redhead filled the house.

Aisha was up from the sofa in a flash. Her long dress was a flurry of dark fabric as the young black woman dashed into the kitchen. “What are you doing?” Aisha’s rising anger was clear in her voice as she burst into the room.

Though startled by the sound of breaking glass, Blake was slower to rise. His face was contorted into a look of horror as he scuffed across the carpet and stood behind the young black woman. Blake peered over Aisha’s shoulder into the kitchen.

“I didn’t do it! It just fell!” Tanya was in the center of the kitchen. The tall girl looked scared: her eyes were wide and her mouth was open, as she stood over a shattered container of flour. The white, powdery substance was scattered throughout his entire kitchen: on the floor, the nearby cabinets, and a cloud of flour hovered in the air.

“It just fell?” Aisha doubt was clear in her voice as she crossed her arms her dark arms under her breasts. The black woman’s countenance was one of disbelief. “How did it just fall?” The toe of Aisha’s shoe tapped out a quick beat on the kitchen’s linoleum floor.

“I was just looking at it,” Tanya said. The redhead clasped her hands behind her back and swayed where she stood. Her shoes, once black and highly polished, were now white with the flour. “Really, Miss Fesse,” she said, looking down at the toes of her shoes. “I thought there might be candy in there, and I was just looking at it. Honest!”

“Candy? You were looking for candy, when you promised to play quietly?”

Blake caught the rising note of anger in Aisha’s tone. The black woman had a musical voice, smooth and liquid. But as annoyance crept in, Aisha’s words took on a sharper tone – a clear warning of dire consequences. Worried, Blake took a step back.

“No, Miss Fesse! Really!” Tanya’s sparkling green eyes widened. “I was just playing, and I was just looking, and it fell!”

Aisha didn’t waste another moment. She stormed into the kitchen and grabbed the tall redhead by her wrist. “You come with me, young lady! Right now!”

“No, Miss Fesse! No!”

Blake took another step backward. His own eyes were wide, and his mouth dropped open yet again. Though the redhead was taller than the young black woman, Tanya’s struggles were ineffectual against Aisha’s building anger. The redhead kicked and dragged her feet, yet Aisha was able to pull the young woman past Blake and into the living room. Again, Aisha threw herself onto the couch. As she did so, the black woman dragged the young redhead smoothly across her lap; Tanya’s round bottom, covered in plaid, was nearly even with Aisha’s full breasts.

“I’ve had enough of your bad behavior,” Aisha hissed. She yanked the redhead’s skirt high in the air and then tucked it into Tanya’s waistband. “You’ve been a wicked girl throughout this visit, and I will not tolerate any more bad behavior!”

Blake gasped when he saw Tanya’s cotton panties, white with little blue polka dots. Straining that thin material were two perfect matching globes.

“Please, Miss Fesse! Don’t spank me!” Tanya kicked her long legs, a rapid thud-thud-thud against the overstuffed sofa; a small cloud of dust erupted from where the redhead’s feet struck the fabric. “Don’t spank me!” The young woman twisted her head as she pleaded, her ponytail alive with the movement. “I won’t do it again. I promise!”

Aisha didn’t respond to Tanya’s pleading. Instead, she set her lips in a determined line and glared at the young redhead. Hooking her fingers in the waistband of the redhead’s panties, Aisha yanked them down and exposed Tanya’s quivering, bare bottom. Tanya renewed her howls of protest, crying out not to be spanked.

Blake gasped. A shiver ran through the little man, and he literally vibrated where he stood. The sight of Aisha’s dark hand against Tanya’s very white bottom was almost too much for him. Blake felt as though he was flying apart in every direction. The twin hemispheres of Tanya’s lovely, pale bottom were split by the most delightful cleft. The crack began between the redhead’s kicking thighs, where Blake caught the occasional wink of Tanya’s moist pussy. From there, the cleft curved upward, separating the halves of the redhead’s bottom and ending just below two perfect hip dimples. Trembling, the little man took a half-a-step forward. His licked his quivering lips.

“Oh, my,” Blake murmured, his eyes glued to Tanya’s lovely round tush. He watched as Aisha’s right hand seemed to rise in slow motion above the girl’s trembling bottom. Higher and higher the dark hand went, until it was just above the black woman’s long, tight curls. As the blow fell, time snapped back to normal.


At the moment of impact, the young redhead’s right bottom cheek flattened with the fury of the bare-handed strike. Tanya threw back her head and howled in pain and humiliation. She was a flurry of arms and legs, kicking and slapping the dusty sofa. Yet despite her struggles, Tanya did not wiggle free of Aisha’s lap. She lay there, blubbering promises to be good and begging the black woman to stop her punishment.

Naughty Girl Service is coming next week! In the meantime, have a look at some of my other novels!

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