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For the 2013 Spank or Treat, I decided to do an extended excerpt from Camp Spank. Given Kiyoko’s proclivity for violence, I felt that this particular story would be perfect for Spank or Treat. Have a read. Enjoy yourself. And be sure to visit every Spank or Treat blogger!

Camp Spank Excerpt

Camp Spank

Camp Spank

For once in his long life, Daniel didn’t stumble through the darkness. Instead, he was like a cat, threading his way through the underbrush with nary a sound. The squat man kept his hands in front of of his face as he made his way slowly toward the tent full of sleeping young women. Daniel was careful, almost graceful, as he bent back branches and carefully stepped over dry twigs and branches. Behind him, Jason followed, equally silent and aware of the tripping hazards around him. There were brambles and low hanging limbs to avoid. Small sinkholes dotted the area, threatening to trip up the twosome. But they moved slowly, inches at a time, so as to minimize any sounds that might awaken the young recruits. They didn’t talk. They barely breathed as they made their way to the large, canvas structure.

Daniel, who led the way, finally stopped about a foot away from the back of the tent. He could smell the canvas, a thick and musty scent that almost covered the aroma of the women inside.

Almost. By tipping his head back and breathing slow, Daniel caught the scent of the young recruits. Sweet and delicate, the women-smell seemed to cling to the night around him, like a fine perfume of lust and desire. Daniel smiled and reached into his pocket. He withdrew a small jackknife and carefully unfolded its single, sharp blade. Above him, clouds slid over a half-moon, and weird shadows flickered over the campsite. There was enough light to see – enough to navigate the terrain. And in Daniel’s fervent mind, there would be illumination enough to see the women inside the tent. They would be naked and lying on top of their covers, their bodies glistening with sweat and the heat of dreams.

Daniel knelt and inched the point of his knife into the tent about three feet high from the ground. The heavy canvas resisted for a moment, and then the material gradually gave way against the sharp blade. Smiling at his success, Daniel carefully twisted the knife in a slow circle to make a hole large enough for him to peer through. When he was finished, the pudgy man passed the jackknife to his redheaded friend, and then pressed his eye to the hole he made in the canvas. For a moment, Daniel’s vision was engulfed by the darkness. Since his sight was impaired by the inky surroundings inside the tent, Daniel’s other senses were on high alert. He heard a sound, a muffled cry. Daniel strained his eye, trying to locate the source of the sound, even as Jason carved his own hole in the tent beside him.


Daniel’s vision adjusted, and he saw a small stab of light flicker across the forms of sleeping girls. Someone had a penlight, and she was threading her way among the outstretched women, carefully and moving slow. The light danced across the skin of the girls. Daniel caught flashes of white – bras and panties illuminated in the pencil-thin beam of light. And he saw skin. Lots of skin. The curve of a hip. An out-thrust arm. A pale face, eyes closed and full lips murmuring in a dream state. Daniel held his breath: one bare breast, nipple standing straight, was momentarily caught by the beam of light. His cock rose instantly, screaming for release.

“Lori.” It was an urgent whisper, low and commanding, emanating from just above the penlight. “Wake up. It’s time.”

Time, Daniel wondered. Time for what?

A pretty blonde woman’s face shone under the light. Her deep blue eyes were wide open, and she blinked under the harsh glare.

“I’m awake, Kiyoko.” She put her hand up to shield her eyes from the glare of the light. “Get Rosemary and Staci.”

Kiyoko. Daniel licked his lips and pressed his clenched hand against his cock. She must be the Asian girl. He couldn’t be sure. The flickering light was held waist high, and the woman didn’t turn it on herself. Still, Daniel was sure it was the Asian chick – tall and beautiful, with long black hair, and a classic kind of beauty he couldn’t easily describe.

Beside him, Daniel heard Jason grunt. He risked a quick look at his friend and noticed that Jason had one hand on his crotch and the other holding open a small hole in the tent. The young man was doing his best to massage himself quietly, while watching the action inside the tent.

“Rosemary.” Kiyoko was only a few feet away from Daniel’s position. She wasn’t looking at the tent wall and hadn’t seen the young man’s eyeball peeping in on the group of young women. Still, Daniel didn’t take any chances. He backed up an inch or so, but kept his eye on the hole in the tent. He could still see the woman’s legs bathed in the beam of light. Strong and firm, Daniel imagined dragging his tongue up the length of Kiyoko’s flesh, until he buried his face in her sweet pussy. As that image crossed his mind, Daniel groaned low in his throat and gripped his prick hard through his jeans. He wouldn’t be able to take much more of this – not without cumming inside of his clothing.

“I’m awake.” Rosemary sat up, and Daniel caught his breath. A skinny redheaded girl was not normally his speed, but he’d never seen a girl quite like Rosemary. Thin as a whip with a wild mane of bright red hair, she was a freckled Valkyrie, violently beautiful and seething with an anger than Daniel found strangely attractive.

And she was naked.

For Daniel, that was enough. Rosemary’s small breasts were topped by even smaller nipples, and those nipples were complemented by the waves of long, red hair that flowed around the young woman’s shoulders. As close as she was to the wall of the tent, Daniel got a good look at Rosemary’s face: angular and sharp, a thin nose and prominent cheekbones. Rosemary was a slender yin to his pudgy yang, and a sharp note of want throbbed through Daniel’s body as the nude girl stood up. Daniel found himself deep in lust when he saw that Rosemary’s pubic hair was the same fiery red as the hair that topped her head.

Yet life is a funny thing, and Daniel firmly believed that good things don’t last forever. This time, he was right. Before Rosemary joined her squad mate, she bent and retrieved a pair of blue, satin panties from beside her bedroll. While he had an excellent view of her ass as Rosemary bent, inwardly Daniel cried out when the panties slid up the girl’s legs and hid her pussy from his view. He wanted to scream out, to beg Rosemary to share just one more look at her lovely cunt. Good sense prevailed, however, and Daniel kept his mouth shut.

Beside him, Jason was scratching the material of his jeans, a steady skritch-skritch that told Daniel that his friend was massaging his cock through the heavy denim. Daniel wanted to do the same, but he was afraid of cumming too quickly and spoiling the rest of the evening’s viewing. Instead, he occasionally pressed hard against his member, just enough to adjust the position of his prick without forcing a full-on explosion of cum.

“Staci. Are you awake?”

At Kiyoko’s urgent whisper, a tiny young woman sat up straight from her bedroll, like a vampire beauty rising from her coffin.

“Holy shit,” Jason whispered hoarsely. Daniel wasn’t surprised at his friend’s inadvertent outburst. He was a sucker for a small woman, and Staci was the perfect package. Wearing only a pair of panties, the young woman was pale and beautiful, with long, dark hair and eyes as black as night. Staci’s small breasts were like inverted porcelain tea cups on her chest, and her eyes were dark pools in the unlighted tent. The flashlight beam seemed to catch only those parts of the young woman that would arose Jason’s lust: her tits; her narrow waist and wide hips; her small, but muscular thighs. Jason breathed low in his throat, and the skritch of fingers on cloth was a constant drone in Daniel’s ears, like an insect whining to be let in through a screen door.

“I’ve got my brush.” Staci didn’t bother to put on her bra, but instead held up a wide hairbrush. Daniel noted its paddle-shape, and wondered if the recruits would be doing each other’s hair this late in the evening. He didn’t know much about hairdressing, but he hoped it was an activity that would be done in the nude.

“Keep your voice down until we get them secure.”

Staci said no more, but fell into step behind Kiyoko. As the beam of light swept across the tent, more of the young women sat up in their beds. They looked around and rubbed their eyes in apparent confusion.

“Over here.” It was the first girl Kiyoko had awakened – Lori – who called the other three girls. Daniel was confused. If this was a hairdressing party, he wondered why there weren’t more lights. He wanted to see the girls. Wanted to watch them with their fingers in each other’s hair. The flashlight beam did an okay job of illuminating the tent, but Daniel wanted more. He wanted to see what was happening.

“Now!” Lori whispered. “Don’t let her make a sound!”

Daniel was shocked when Staci and Rosemary threw themselves on a young woman. Kiyoko held the flashlight steady, and he could see the young woman’s legs kicking futilely against the girls.

“Here. Use this.” Lori passed Staci a length of cloth, and the younger woman used it to gag the the struggling recruit.

“Get Mandy before she wakes up.”

Daniel couldn’t see Kiyoko; she still held the flashlight at waist level even as she moved to secure the other girl. But he believed the Asian girl squatted on the unseen figure in the dark, because the light suddenly dropped a couple of feet.

“Help me, damnit!”

Other girls in various stages undress streamed toward the struggling females. Though many of them were still wiping sleep from their eyes, they joined the fray, holding two young recruits to the ground.

“Gag them. Don’t let them make a sound!”

Another strip of cloth materialized in the beam of light and was passed to Kiyoko. The penlight changed hands, and the beam bobbed wildly in the tent. Grunts and moans joined the cacophony of insects whirring in the night, and the group of young women came together to bind two of recruits.

“Tie their hands and feet, and then take them over there.”

Daniel saw Lori gesture in his direction, and he realized that the bound figures were about to be dragged across the tent floor to a position near him. He sucked in a quick breath of air and leaned back from his hole, fearful that he’d been discovered. He needn’t have worried. The women inside the canvas structure were too focused on the bound girls to worry about anything outside of the canvas wall. Instead, they dragged the two struggling girls close to his position, and Daniel had a clear view of the bound recruits.

They were the blondes!

One of the girls was pretty enough. An average kind of good-looking blonde, with a clear complexion, narrow nose and high cheekbones. She looked like a rich girl – spoiled and full of herself. But the other blonde! She was the full-figured girl with an hourglass figure. Her hair was thick and golden. Her neck, slender and long. The girl’s breasts were full. Her waist narrow and her hips wide. Daniel was unconsciously licking his lips and scrubbing hard at his cock through his jeans. Sure, he wanted that skinny redhead, but this big blonde was his second choice. She was just so fucking delicious! And now, here she was, just inches away. Only a thin wall of canvas and his fear of discovery separated Daniel from this sweet, young blonde.

“Strip them!”

A gasp reminded Daniel that his friend, Jason was crouched next to him, peering through his own hole in the tent. The pudgy young man paused for a quick glance. Jason had unzipped his pants and was now awkwardly stroking his penis, still squatting with his eye glued to the tear in the canvas. Jason paid no mind to the happenings around him, but was entirely focused on the scene unfolding within the tent. Daniel wished that he had that kind of control – that kind of single-minded focus. But Daniel knew that if he paid that much attention to his own cock, he’d end up spurting a load against the side of the tent. Instead, Daniel had to satisfy himself with the occasional rub and grip along the length of his penis. Only when the show was over, would he be able to jerk his prick to completion.

Inside the tent, the action heated up. All of the young women were awake, and they gathered around the two bound girls lying close to the tent wall that separated Daniel from the squad. One of the young women fired up a lantern and hung it from the center pole that supported the tent. Idly, Daniel noted that the lantern was similar to his own – an old Coleman lantern that burned hot with white gas. It hissed when it mantels were lit; an escaping of compressed air that turned the volatile gas into vapor.

Daniel jerked his attention from the bright light the lantern threw off and focused on the gaggle of girls in front of him. It was all happening so quickly. Eighteen women surrounded two blondes struggling on the floor. Some of the women were nude from the waist up, wearing only their panties. The breasts of the exposed women were firm and delicious. Others wore both bra and panties – military issue: plain, white and cotton, yet somehow sexy in what the clothing covered and what it left bare. It was the forbidden delight of the hidden treasures that drove Daniel mad with desire; he wanted to remove the remaining clothing with his teeth.

Several of the young recruits bent forward and ripped the panties from the blondes. The tearing of the thin material was sweet in Daniel’s ears. He heard Jason’s harsh intake of breath, even as the panties were torn free of the young blondes, and their sweet asses were exposed. But Daniel didn’t turn to look at his friend. Instead, he stayed glued to his own hole in the canvas, rubbing his cock and panting low in his throat.

“We’ve had enough,” Lori hissed lowly. She glared at the two blondes bound and gagged on the floor of the tent. “You two are responsible for what’s happening to our squad. You’re the reason we’re out here tonight; the reason we hiked twenty miles in the heat.”

One of the blondes kicked hard and tried to get to her knees. Staci threw herself on the young woman and motioned to her friend to do the same to the other girl. Daniel finally got a good look at Kiyoko – the incredible Asian girl with the firm body, long black hair and eyes like chips of green stone. He held his breath as Kiyoko squatted over the other blonde’s legs. Like several of the other girls, Kiyoko wore only her panties. Her breasts were small and firm, like ripe apples on a long body. The Asian girl dropped to her knees, straddling the young blonde, then pressed her crotch against the flailing legs of the young woman. She gripped the girl’s hips tightly and pinned her to the floor.

“Fifteen demerits,” Lori whispered, her fury cold and rising. “Between the two of you. That’s more demerits than the entire squad received!”

The blondes continued to flail on the floor, pushing up, trying to get free and screaming in their gags. Rosemary dropped to her knees and gripped the arms of one of the blondes. She nodded at a squad mate to do the same, and a young black girl joined Rosemary on the ground. She grabbed the other girl’s bound hands and pulled them straight, pinning them to the floor of the tent. Now there were two girls each holding the bound blondes to the ground; they were going nowhere.

“We’ve had enough,” Lori said, her blue eyes narrow slits of anger. She held up a large wooden hairbrush; it was wide and paddle-like. “This is a Wudu hairbrush. Handmade in Italy.” Lori caressed the length of the brush, and Daniel took in a small gulp of air as he watched the young woman’s slender fingers stroke the wooden surface. At that moment, Daniel was certain that he wasn’t about to witness a hairdressing party. This was something more, and the low anger in Lori’s voice gave him a hint of what might happen. He gripped his cock hard through his jeans and prayed that his wildest dreams were about to come true.

Squirming to get free, the two blondes twisted their heads to stare wide-eyed at Lori as she held the brush above their heads. Bucking and hunching their naked asses high in the air, they twisted violently in an attempt to break loose. Their voices were cut off by gags of cloth; their freedom was robbed by four women securing their legs and arms. Their attempts at escape were futile.

Lori was in control. A commanding presence among her squad of girls. What she said and what she decided would be the will of the group of young women. “You will be punished,” the young recruit said to the blondes squirming on the floor of the tent. “Tonight, and every single night from here on out that you cause grief for my squad.” Lori continued to hold the brush high in the air, as though it was a talisman of righteousness. “All of us here have suffered because of you.” Lori lowered the brush to waist height; all eyes followed her. “Tonight our group suffering ends, and yours begins.”

With those words, Lori handed the brush to the young women next to her. It was the Hispanic girl. Strong and smoothly muscled, she was the recruit who wielded the sledgehammer as she pounded tent stakes into the ground around the canvas structure.

“You’re first, Carmen.”

Carmen. Daniel’s mind seized on the name. It was somehow appropriate for this Hispanic beauty. With her dark hair and black eyes, she looked almost like a Gypsy dancer. But Carmen appeared confused by the brush.

“What am I supposed to do with this?”

Lori didn’t mince words, and she didn’t give anyone in the squad time to think. “Spank them,” she said sharply. “These two brats owe you 15 demerits worth of punishment.”

“Spank them?” Carmen held the thick Wudu brush at arm’s length and looked down at the two struggling blondes. The eyes of the bound women were wide as they shook their heads violently back and forth. Their bare bottoms heaved as they pounded their pelvises against ground in attempt to break free. “I don’t know,” Carmen said slowly. “It seems … well … wrong.”

“Wrong?” It was the skinny redhead, Rosemary, who hissed at Carmen. She looked up at the Hispanic girl from her position of holding the arms of one of the blondes. “These two bitches are the reason we’re here in this fucking stinkhole.” Rosemary yanked at the blonde’s arms, pinning her harder to the ground. “They’re the reason you were shitting in the woods tonight, like some fucking animal.” Rosemary scooted forward. Shifting her grip, the skinny redhead sat on the blonde’s arms, and then gripped the girl’s hair so that she could twist her head upward. “Do you think Mandy gives two shits about what she’s done to you?” Rosemary motioned to the black girl helping to hold the other girl down. “Or Jenelle? Or any of us?”

Mandy. Daniel’s mind caught another name and tied it into his fantasy come true. Rosemary is sitting on Mandy’s arms! Jenelle is the black chick holding the other girl’s arms. He pushed hard on his cock and groaned inwardly. Rosemary’s panties were stretched tight, and Daniel could see the rolling shape of the skinny girl’s well-formed ass. He wanted that ass. Wanted it now. Wanted Rosemary prone and moaning on the ground in front of him, while he fucked her from behind. Daniel’s eyes rolled back in his head, and he had to fight to keep from cumming inside his pants.

“Goddamnit, Carmen.” Rosemary let go of Mandy’s hair and put her slender hands on the girl’s shoulders. She pressed down hard to keep the squirming young woman flat on the ground. “Mandy and Bri have fucked up our lives. And they’re going to keep fucking them up, unless we do something about it.”

Bri! Mandy and Bri! Daniel scratched hard at his cock, and next to him, he heard Jason moan low in his throat.

“Yeah.” It was a white girl who spoke. Slender and wearing only her bra and panties, she leaned forward into the group. Her brown eyes were wide with anger. “If you won’t do it, Carmen, give me the brush.” The white girl had medium length black hair and a splash of freckles across her nose. She was cute, but there was rage clear in her low voice. “I’m so fucking tired of these two fucking cunts. They don’t give a shit about any of us!”

Carmen held the handle of the wide brush in her right hand. With her left hand, she trailed her fingers across the length of the flat side. Looking beyond the brush in her hands, she saw the lily white asses of Mandy and Bri. Their bottom-cheeks bounced up and down with their struggles, though the young women were pinned firmly to the ground. Neither Mandy, nor Bri were going anywhere. As if she came to a decision, Carmen set her jaw firmly and dropped to her knees.

“Nah, Roxy.” Carmen glanced up at the angry white girl. “I got this.”

The young Hispanic woman raised the brush high over her shoulders. Below her, Mandy and Bri grunted and groaned, begging for mercy with their eyes. Carmen ignored their wide-eyed stares, clenched her teeth and then brought the brush down with a tentative smack.

“Harder, goddamnit!” Roxy leaned close to inspect Mandy’s ass. A light, pink splotch was forming on the young private’s behind in the shape of the Wudu brush. “You think she’s going to learn anything from that pussy stroke?” Despite the easy swat, Mandy wailed into her gag, struggling harder to free herself. Beside her, Bri, too, arched her butt high in an attempt to free herself.


This time, it was Kiyoko who administered a bare-handed swat to Bri’s bottom, and the young Japanese women had not held back. “Hold still, you little bitch!” Kiyoko still straddled the blonde’s legs. She leaned her head back and nodded at the bright handprint forming on Bri’s backside. “Like that,” she said, glaring at Carmen. “Put some of that Mexican muscle into that spanking!”

The young Hispanic girl’s eyes widened furiously at the rebuke. “How many times,” Carmen said, raising the brush high, “do I have to tell you that I’m Dominican?” This time, Carmen didn’t hold back, but brought the brush down with her full strength. A resounding smack! echoed in the enclosed space, trapped by the heavy canvas tent walls. As one, the surrounding girls took a huge breath. Mandy howled into her gag and tried to fling herself free of the women holding her down. Her feet kicked uselessly against the ground, and she arched her back in an attempt to throw off her tormentors. But Mandy’s struggles were to no avail. Rosemary sat on her arms. Staci sat on Mandy’s legs.

“Both of them,” Kiyoko snarled, shaking her black hair out of her eyes. The young Asian woman straddled Bri’s calves, and she had her hands pressed firmly against the young woman’s thighs. In front of her, Jenelle held Bri’s arms outstretched. “You have to get 15 demerits worth out of both their asses!” Kiyoko hissed. “Spank them both!” Kiyoko tipped her head out of the way as she watched the brush rise in Carmen’s brown hand. Both of the young women had fierce grins on their faces, their teeth showing in fury and delight.

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Meanwhile, here’s a question for you to answer: How many demerits did the two young blondes recieve?

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    Great excerpt!
    katherinedeane40 (at) gmail (dot) com

  50. 15 demerits!

  51. 15 demerits between the two of them – yikes!!! That certainly deserves the severe discipline with the brush. You know that stings!

  52. Loved this excerpt from Camp Spank, Alice. So naughty and funny in places too!

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