Naughty Girl Service – #SatSpanks #ASMSG #Nov

Naughty Girl Service

Naughty Girl Service

Blake has an obsession with beautiful butts, especially the idea of seeing one woman spank another woman. But when he hires Aisha and Tanya to come to his home and spank one another’s bottom cheeks while he watches, the beautiful young women turn the tables on Blake, when he refuses to tip them for their spanking services. Find out what happens these lovely ladies are scorned!

For their scene, Tanya and Aisha play student and teacher. As the schoolgirl, Tanya has already received a spanking. Now, it’s Miss Fesse’s turn, played by Aihsa.

Naughty Girl Service – excerpt

“All right, Miss Fesse.” Tanya slapped the ruler against one palm. “You’re spanking is almost finished.” The redhead ran her fingers through her tangled locks. “But I want to be sure that you know what a spanking feels like.” Tanya thwacked her palm again. “That way, you will never spank me again!”

Blake’s eyes widened when he saw the ruler in Tanya’s hands. Throughout the scene, he’d been speechless. And even now, his tongue felt strange and thick in his mouth. “Um, er.” He couldn’t get any words out. Instead, he tightened his grip on Aisha’s wrists and watched as Tanya raised the ruler over her head.

“You’ve been very naughty, Miss Fesse.”

Read more about Blake’s misadventures when he hires two young women to come to his and spank each other. At first, the scene between Tanya and Aisha goes smoothly. But when Blake refuses to tip the young women, the tone of the scene entirely shifts.

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26 responses to “Naughty Girl Service – #SatSpanks #ASMSG #Nov

  1. Nice role play Alice… How many people from the Corporal punishment days would love to turn the tables? Hope Blake learns the value of tipping.

  2. Believe me, Tara. Blake learns a lesson about his wicked ways, but not before Tanya and Aisha play the game through to the end. It’s a fun story and I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for coming by for a read!

  3. Now this gets your attentions. Sounds like that ruler could provide a wicked sting.

  4. Leigh Smith (aka Sunny Girl)

    Wood and wicked go together. I think Blake understands that now. Good snippet.

  5. Hot excerpt, Alice. Leaves me wanting much more! Everyone on #SatSpanks is being a tease today, it seems!

  6. So much fun. Always tip! (Or not?)

  7. Very hot. I love the turned tables in the roleplay and the voyeurism. Something tells me Blake isn’t getting out of that room pink-free.

    • You’ve got the right of it, Daizie! Blake is the type of young man who rarely tips, and he’s soon to learn the errors of his stingy ways. Thanks for reading!

  8. I LOVE it!!!!!! Great concept!

  9. Oh my. I think a spanking is the proper punishment for anyone who is a cheap tipper, so I think I’ll like this book for a variety of reasons. 🙂

  10. You know I love the “Miss Fesse” vibe, Alice! Lovely.

  11. Nice snippet! I certainly hope Blake gets what he has earned. Thanks!

  12. You have the best set-ups! So creative.

  13. You got my attention! Now tell me more.

  14. Blake’s reaction is great 🙂

  15. Ooh, hot! I can’t wait to read about his turn.

  16. I love how you always throw a surprise twist in. 😉

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