Alicia Waits for the Strop – a fragment

Jenna hesitated as she examined the wide selection of spanking implements. There were floggers and belts, crops and a single a two-tailed tawse. There was even a cane that hung from a peg in the closet. Smiling, she ran her fingertips over each of the toys, and imagined that she could feel the energy of past spankings flow into her from each of the instruments.

Who knew that Alicia had such a kinky side? she wondered.

Behind her, Alicia shivered. She was naked and bent over a straight-backed chair. The Spanking Chair, she had called it. Alicia seemed very familiar – both with the chair, and the position that she had assumed. Her pretty white buttocks were high in the air, and she gripped the chair’s seat loosely with her fingertips.

“Take your pick,” Alicia whispered. Her voice was strained. “Please.”

Jenna noted the sense of urgency in Alicia’s words. She wanted this spanking. Alicia had prepared herself for this moment, and now she trembled in anticipation. And yet Jenna also knew that each moment’s delay of the punishment added to her girlfriend’s excitement.

Finally settling on a paddle with a flexible blade. She picked it up; the handle was large and solid in her hand; the blade was made of stiff leather. It was smooth and cool.

Experimentally, Jenna swished the blade through the air. As the leather flopped back and forth, Jenna realized it wasn’t a paddle at all: Razor strop, she thought. She had never see one in real life.

When the leather cut the air, Alicia craned her head to watch Jenna as she selected one of the toys. Her eyes widened at the choice, and she struggled to stay in her position. She wriggled. Alicia was impatient for the spanking to begin. She didn’t have long to wait.

“Are you sure?” Jenna asked, raising the strop above her head. A wicked grin split Jenna’s face. She didn’t wait for Alicia’s reply.

7 responses to “Alicia Waits for the Strop – a fragment

  1. Alicia. Alice. Hm, those names seem rather similar, don’t they? 😀

    Enjoyed your snippet!

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