Kim Canes Natalie – a fragment

“All right Natalie,” Kim said, pointing at the straight-backed chair. “I want you to bend over that chair and grip the seat tightly with your fingertips.”

Natalie hung her head, and her dark hair fell forward, obscuring the fear in her face. Behind her, the bedroom door seemed to beckon. All the young woman had to do was turn around and leave – walk out the door, and never look back.

But that would mean that their relationship was over. If Natalie left now, she would never again know Kim’s lighter touch. Her caresses. Kim’s lips against her skin. Her tongue on her sensitive parts. If Natalie chose to avoid her punishment and leave, she might as well just keep walking until the road ended. Because she knew deep down that Kim was right. Punishment was necessary. A part of their life together.

Eventually, Natalie pressed her lips together into a thin, white line and did as she was told. As she leaned over the top of the chair Natalie’s short skirt rode up, showing off a generous length of her firm thighs.

“Do you have a firm grip on the seat?”

Natalie didn’t reply. Miserably, she nodded her head and bit her lower lip.

Gently, Kim raised Natalie’s skirt and tucked it into her girlfriend’s. Then, in one swift move, Kim took hold of the waistband of the her girlfriend’s silk panties and pulled them down to Natalie’s knees. Throughout all of this, Natalie remained still, though her bottom cheeks trembled.

“Keep your knees together,” Kim said. “This is going to hurt.”

Kim backed up a half-a-step and swished her cane through the air. The evil hiss sent a shiver of fear through Natalie, and she moaned low in her throat.


Kim brought the cane down lightly on Natalie’s upturned bottom several times, as though taking aim for the perfect strike. Natalie took in a quick breath and exhaled just as Kim brought the cane down with a loud swish.


The cane landed loudly on the girl’s firmly rounded bottom. Natalie cried out and jumped when the cane bit into her smooth flesh.

Kim paused and allowed her girlfriend to settle. “If you stand up again,” she murmured, “I’ll double the strokes.”

Natalie sobbed. She leaned over the chair once more and presented her bottom cheeks to Kim.


Again the cane slashed the air and landed on Natalie’s throbbing bottom. She cried out again, but held firmly to the seat of the chair. As the third fiery stroke fell across her buttocks, Natalie sobbed out loud, as hot, salty tears streaked her face.

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