Spanking Tessa – a fragment for @desiredarkly

I wrote this fragment in 2012 for Tessa Wanton, aka @DesireDarkly on Twitter. Talented and beautiful, Tessa is a truly lovely woman. Be certain to visit her Web site – – and read her wonderful books. 

I wanted Tessa to understand that I was serious, and so I raised my voice: “Do you think I’m joking?”

Tessa’s pretty mouth widened into an insolent grin. “Of course you’re joking,” she replied, her eyes sparkling. “You wouldn’t dare.”

What else could I do? We were at a friend’s home, and even though we were in a room by ourselves, anyone could walk through the door at any moment. Yet, I couldn’t let her get away with her challenge; Tessa had to be punished. She was standing in front of me – hands on her hips – and absolutely beautiful in her lovely red dress. I was seated on the bed, fairly shaking with disbelief at her behavior.

As soon as the phrase ‘you wouldn’t dare’ passed her lips, I reached around her waist with my left arm and pulled Tessa across my lap. Before she could protest, I gave her five hard licks across her bottom with my right hand. I knew those impacts stung, though I wasn’t  trying to hurt Tessa. I just wanted to give her enough of a sting to understand that her bad behavior would have consequences.

As soon as the last blow landed, Tessa jumped away, grabbing her bottom, mouth open in amazement. I figured since she felt free to misbehave, I was free to give her the spanking she needed.

Yet, as quickly as I had whacked her bottom, Tessa leaned forward, grabbed the back of my head, and kissed me hard on the lips. Then, before I had time to react, Tessa backed up grinning.

“Thanks for the spanking, Alice,” Tessa said, laughing. “And the kiss.” Then she turned and dashed out the door.

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