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Sorority Heat: A Tale of Revenge, Humiliation & Caning – Cover Reveal

Lots of hard work and dedication results in a beautiful cover! (yeah. i’m not at all modest.) The book is coming soon, but for now, have a look at this aweseomeness!

dominatrix in black leather corset with riding crop

Let me know what you think!

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Maid For Punishment – Laura’s Caning (Cover reveal)

I finished Laura’s story over the holiday weekend, and spent much of New Year’s Day finding and perfecting a cover for the work. The link for that is below.

Maid For Punishment - spanking, whipping, caning

Maid For Punishment

Maid For Punishment is an M/f story about how Laura is caned by Sir James after making a egregious error at a party. I know that I don’t write a lot of M/f spanking fiction, but as an author, I feel to stretch myself and my talent. Finding and learning to use the male voice in a story is a challenge, and it’s an opportunity to explore new ways to deliver punishment.

The Book Blurb
When Laura, a virginal young girl, spoils an important social event for Lord James, he punishes her cruelly in front of an audience of his peers. This rousing story takes Laura to a final confrontation with her Master, and a four-foot long cane is applied liberally to the backside of the wayward girl. Lord James believes that punishment must be delivered quickly, otherwise young girls will take the wrong paths in life. This story is not for young folks, as the whippings are explicit.

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Natalie Gets a Spanking – Cover Art

I like this cover more than most, though it doesn’t match Natalie’s outfit exactly as I described it

Natalie Gets a Spanking

Natalie Gets a Spanking

in the story. In Natalie Gets a Spanking, Natalie wears a body stocking to work, but I like to think that these shorts are something she would wear when she’s off work; I would certainly wear them, and I know my girlfriend would appreciate my ass all the more!

But this cover describes Natalie so very well. She has a nice round ass, that’s perfect for spanking. Even now, I can imagine this girl naked and across my knee, her pert, round bottom presented for the red swats! I would make her scream with delight! (until Sofia caught me, and then I’d get a spanking of my own!)

Anyway. Natalie Gets a Spanking is finally finished. Have a look. It’s a delicious read, and I found myself wiggling in my seat at several points while writing the story. I’m not typically a M/f writer, but I enjoyed this one.

And later, when I had finished writing the story, I took that enjoyment out on my girlfriend’s bottom … but that’s a story for later.

Alice Dark

Available Now at Amazon US and Amazon UK

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Vintage Spankings

I don’t know what it is about these old photos that I find erotic. On some levels I understand: Our grandparents (and further back) were kinky. I realize that knowing about their fetishes is a turn on. But there’s more to it than that. What is it … exactly?

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Cannibal Virus LQP-79

LQP-79 is a hoax. And though it’s in poor taste, since some guy got his face eaten, it’s still destined to be an Internet meme. (did I just make a bad pun?) This story doesn’t exist anywhere outside of a jpg. It was never written in the news, and it’s unlikely to appear anywhere in legitimate news. Enjoy it here. It’s off topic of spanking, but too much fun to ignore.
lqp-79 cannibal virus