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Naughty Girl Service – #SatSpanks #ASMSG #Nov

Naughty Girl Service

Naughty Girl Service

Blake has an obsession with beautiful butts, especially the idea of seeing one woman spank another woman. But when he hires Aisha and Tanya to come to his home and spank one another’s bottom cheeks while he watches, the beautiful young women turn the tables on Blake, when he refuses to tip them for their spanking services. Find out what happens these lovely ladies are scorned!

For their scene, Tanya and Aisha play student and teacher. As the schoolgirl, Tanya has already received a spanking. Now, it’s Miss Fesse’s turn, played by Aihsa.

Naughty Girl Service – excerpt

“All right, Miss Fesse.” Tanya slapped the ruler against one palm. “You’re spanking is almost finished.” The redhead ran her fingers through her tangled locks. “But I want to be sure that you know what a spanking feels like.” Tanya thwacked her palm again. “That way, you will never spank me again!”

Blake’s eyes widened when he saw the ruler in Tanya’s hands. Throughout the scene, he’d been speechless. And even now, his tongue felt strange and thick in his mouth. “Um, er.” He couldn’t get any words out. Instead, he tightened his grip on Aisha’s wrists and watched as Tanya raised the ruler over her head.

“You’ve been very naughty, Miss Fesse.”

Read more about Blake’s misadventures when he hires two young women to come to his and spank each other. At first, the scene between Tanya and Aisha goes smoothly. But when Blake refuses to tip the young women, the tone of the scene entirely shifts.

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Spanking Detective – an excerpt

Alice Dark and Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

Diana Street is a no nonsense private detective who spanks her way through a high profile murder case, while making love to the women she meets along the way. Wayward females learn that Diana has little patience with those who break the rules; and men in need of an “attitude adjustment,” fall into step when Diana snaps her fingers. Along the way, Diana solves a murder and delivers sweet spankings to everyone who needs them.

In this scene, Diana has been hired by Lauren to gather proof of her husband’s dalliances. She parks her car across the street from the house and waits for the action to begin.

Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels – excerpt

Wheeling my car into the Lauren’s neighborhood, I set up camp across from the house. My car’s an older model, and I wouldn’t be able to stay in the area for too long without attracting attention. But if the rich prick was only going to be home for another hour or so, I figured I’d be okay. My plan was to watch the house until Daniel left, then tail him for the next couple of days.

It didn’t take long for me to catch him doing shit that most married men only dream about.

I had a good view of the house, and the expansive lawns in the neighborhood gave the illusion of privacy. That’s probably why the drapes were pulled back. I was sure that Daniel didn’t think anyone could see him. But I could.

My car had been parked in the street for less than 30 minutes when I saw a good old fashioned switching. Pay dirt the first day, and the kind of show that I might have paid money to see.

The Lauren’s had a maid, a sweet young Asian girl that couldn’t have been much over 20 years old. She had a curtain of black hair and was dressed in one of those silly French maid outfits. I didn’t catch the reason why that prick Lauren was switching that slender Asian chick, but I saw the results.

Shoving her roughly against a small table, Daniel lifted her skirt and snatched her French lace panties to her knees. Bare-assed, the Asian girl’s body nearly filled my screen, and I could see that she wasn’t fighting too hard to get away. I backed off the zoom so that I could catch all the action, and I saw Daniel raise the switch high above his shoulder. He was right-handed and used his left arm to keep the girl pinned to the table. The switch descended quickly, and I imagined that I could hear the evil hiss as the first sting of the switch landed across the center of her pert little buns.

The Asian girl threw her head back at this first strike, and I found myself wishing that I had invested in a sonic ear so that I could hear her howling in pain. He laid on another stroke, and then another. Each separate strike left a nasty weal that would leave marks on the Asian chick’s ass for a long time. And with every impact, the girl howled silently and wriggled in his grasp. She kicked up her feet and shook that mane of long, black hair.

I was getting hot watching this switching, and I couldn’t hear a damn thing!

The switch rose and fell again and again, and after he laid on 15 harsh strokes, Daniel let the girl go. She spun where she stood, but didn’t run away. Instead, tears streamed down her cheeks, and she rubbed her ass furiously, as though trying to scrub away the pain.

As Daniel stood above this lovely Asian girl, shaking his finger in her face, I realized that my own hand had found its way to my crotch. My pussy ached for attention inside my black jeans, and I wanted nothing more than to rub hard at my crotch until I came right there in my car. I pressed four fingers against my pubic mound playing back the switching scene in my mind over and over.

Orgasm eluded me.

Read more of Spanking Detective at these fine stores:

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Naughty Girl Service – Coming Soon!

Oftentimes, readers have their own ideas about stories and spanking scenes. They know what they want in a novel, but can’t quite put it into words. That’s why I created Spanking Fantasy, a page on my blog where you can enter the story of your dreams. And if that dream is something that I can work with, I’ll work it into a novel.

That’s what happened with Camp Spank. Two readers wrote me with different fantasies that could be combined into a single story. And now, I’m working on Naughty Girl Service – a new reader fantasy that just seems fun.

The premise is simple enough. A young man who is obsessed with beautiful behinds hires two women to come to his home and spank one another’s bottom cheeks while he watches. You’d think that would be a straight forward scene for any writer.

But I’m not known as @Bentalice for nothing. And if any of you have followed my writings, you know how I feel about men peeping on women – even if the girls know that he’s there.

So Naughty Girl Service takes a sudden twist midway through the story, and what was straight forward becomes decidedly bent. 😉

I’m still working on the story, but here’s an excerpt in which Blake receives a flyer announcing a new service.


“Hello,” he murmured. “What’s this?” Blake leaned forward and retrieved the sheet of paper from the floor. The blonde girl’s denim-covered ass was the first thing that caught his attention, followed quickly by the bold print across the top of the flyer.

Naughty Girl Services

Blake’s eyes caressed the young woman’s curves as he considered the headline. Finally tearing his eyes away from her lovely printed form, the young man perused the flyer.

Do you need a bad girl in your life? A girl that you can take over your knee and punish properly for all of her naughty deeds? All of our girls are as wicked as your dreams, and each and every one of them has a perfect bottom that needs a good, sound spanking. Call 555-555-1212 for more information.

Blake dropped his left hand into his lap and squeezed his cock as the flyer trembled in his right hand. Beads of sweat formed on his brow as he re-read the flyer in disbelief. He closed his eyes and leaned back into the soft leather of his armchair. His hand slid through the opening in the front of his shorts. The picture of the little blonde was firmly etched into his mind – especially that perfect, round bubble that she so proudly displayed in a pair of jean shorts.

“A bad girl,” he murmured, willing his mental image of the blonde to wiggle and shimmy. “A wicked girl. A girl who needs a spanking.” He stroked his member slowly, imagining the blonde draped over his lap. “Oh, yes,” Blake groaned, as the picture of her naked bottom filled his mind. “A naughty girl,” he groaned, arching upward. “I need a naughty girl.”

Naughty Girl Service is coming soon. In the meantime, have a look at some of my other novels!

Camp Spank

Camp Spank

Spell for Spanking

Spell for Spanking

Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

Spanking: Tips, Positions and Toys

Guest Article by Karina Hester
a naughty author, who definitely enjoys a good spanking!

We talk a lot about spanking at Licks & Lashes … obviously. It’s hot, it’s riveting, it’s a little bad while being a whole lot of good, but the truth is there is a difference between just reading about it and executing it. If you’re going to begin spanking, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you and your partner enjoy yourselves and stay safe. Use some of these stories to get inspired and then mix them up with these tips, positions and toys. Then let the wailing commence.

Safety First:

Above all else, you need to always make sure that you and your partner are safe during a spanking session.

Be sure to set up a safe word so that the spankee can let the spanker know when they are approaching their limit. It’s important to set these words up prior to exploration and to take them seriously.

Secondly, be sure to to aim directly for the butt cheeks–especially if you’re a beginner. Aiming too high will land the strike on the tailbone. Aiming too low can end up on the backs of their thighs, which are far less cushioned then their butt checks.

Start lightly with your spanking, as it takes the skin and body a little time to warm up to the initial blows. Our tolerance for pain also increases as our sexual desire increases, so give her time to build or get turned on prior to taking the hand.

Move your spanking around. While you have to be careful with your aim, spanking different parts of the butt cheeks will help distribute the sting a little more and activate different parts of the spankee’s body.
Positional Therapy:

There are a million positions any couple can assume for spanking, but the most beneficial ones will be the ones where the spanker is in a complete position of power and mobility. Start with one of these four and then explore on your own to find what works for you.

Over the Lap:

This is the most traditional position for spanking. Simply have the spankee bend over the spanker’s lap.

Hands and knees:

This is the most childlike and a little more degrading than the lap position. Have the spankee get down on all of their hands and knees as if it to make a table top with their body.

Over furniture:

Use furniture in the same manner that you would use a lap. Have the spankee bend over the back of a couch, over the arm of a chair or on top of the bed.

Standing hand to ankle:

This songs like some yoga pose, but its merely a variation on doggy style. Have the spankee bend over and grab their ankles.
Spanking Assistance:


Your hand is going to be the best toy to start off with. It allows the spanker to really feel how hard they are hitting the spankee. It’s a good way to gauge control, speed and force. Begin here and change it up with a spank and then a soft caress.


If you’re looking to move beyond the digits, a paddle can be a fun way to induce a little more pain that’s evenly distributed across a bigger surface area. Paddles can be lined in fabric, done up in leather and even plastic. If you’re looking for the less intense, go for the fabric-lined options.


Whips are definitely going to be a step up from the paddle and the hand, depending on what kind you get. Places like Adam and Eve will typically sell a variety from playful to the big time. If you’re looking for something a little more playful, opt for one of the fabric or plastic ones. If you’re looking for pain, go for the leather selections.


A crop will provide the most targeted amount of pain. Crops are short flexible whips that typically have a small piece of fabric, leather or steel on the end that you can use to target specific areas on the body. This will definitely be one of the most painful options.

Now get out there and get to spanking!

Camp Spank – #SatSpanks #ASMSG #OCT

Camp Spank by Alice Dark

Camp Spank by Alice Dark

Camp Spank – where the women are spanked, the men are caned, and in the end, the girl finds the girl of her dreams.

In Camp Spank, two young women break Army regulations, and as punishment for their misbehavior, the entire squad is sent out on a 20-mile overnight hike. The other women of Charlie Squad are furious with the two privates, and they band together to punish the two women for their indiscretions. But that punishment is exposed when young men sneak into camp to spy on the girls as they deliver a harsh spanking. Find out what happens when the girls of Charlie Squad discover the voyeurs and retaliate against the men.

WARNING: Contains mature adult themes, BDSM, spanking, caning and explicit F/F sex. STRICTLY for adults ONLY. All sexual acts depicted are consensual and between adults aged 21 years and over.

In this short excerpt, Lori Griffin, squad leader for Charlie Squad has taken responsibility for the outrageous number of demerits her team of young women has received during the prior week. Dominique Watson is Lori’s sergeant, a beautiful woman who has interesting ideas about how Lori should be punished.

Camp Spank #SatSpanks Excerpt

Lori licked her lips as she looked up at the black woman. A mixture of fear and lust blew through the young woman, like a cold wind, and the private trembled as she sat in the wooden chair, tightly gripping the cane in her lap. Lori was focused entirely on the black woman now. The way her lips moved when she spoke. The bright pink of her tongue. Her teeth, big and almost luminous.

“I want you to stand up, Lori.” Dominique moved the glasses and bottle of scotch to one side of her desk and then motioned to the young private. “Hand me the cane, and then lean over my desk.”

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