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Gloria is Caned – a fragment

“I want you to bend over the chair and get a good grip on the seat.”

Gloria’s eyes widened at her girlfriend’s demand. Over the last few days, Jennifer had threatened to spank her, if Gloria didn’t change her ways. After so many threats, the redhead had decided that Jennifer was bluffing.

But now Gloria wasn’t so sure. Jennifer gripped a short rod tightly in her right hand, and she was fairly shaking with rage.

“Now!” Jennifer snapped, raising the cane and pointing at the chair. “Bend over the chair, now!”

Gloria’s mouth opened. She was about to protest. But one quick glance into her girlfriend’s eyes was enough to convince her to obey. Gloria saw anger in Jennifer’s pretty, blue eyes. Something she had never seen before.

Hesitantly, Gloria leaned over the chair back. She was just tall enough to reach the edge of the seat, but had to stretch to grip her fingers around the edge. Dazed, Glorian still couldn’t believe that Jennifer would actually use the cane on her backside.

Then Gloria felt Jennifer’s fingers twist the hem of her skirt. The redhead tensed as Jennifer rolled her skirt and tucked it into her belt, out of the way. Gloria’s white panties – the only protection the redhead’s upturned bottom would have from Jennifer’s cane – were now exposed.

Involuntarily, Gloria trembled.

“Please,” she whispered. “Don’t do this.”

Jennifer responded with a sudden open-handed slap on Gloria’s backside.

“No!” Gloria jerked her head up and howled. She’d been spanked at home by her parents, but it had never hurt so much. At first Gloria thought Jennifer’s slap was the first stroke of the cane, but then she realised it was only her girlfriend’s hand.

Gloria looked over her shoulder and saw Jennifer raise the cane.

“Six strokes, Gloria,” Jennifer said, lifting the cane above her shoulder. “And you’d better stay in position, or I’ll add another stroke!”


The cane whipped across Gloria’s pantied-covered bottom. Gloria screamed and leapt upright. She spun where she stood to face Jennifer, her fingers clutching her stinging bottom.

Calmly, Jennifer waited for her girlfriend’s cries to subside. When they did, Jennifer pointed at the chair again.

“That stroke doesn’t count,” she said. “Now, bend over. You still have six to go.”

Lucinda’s Caning – a fragment

“Remove your blouse and skirt and hang them neatly in the closet.”

Lucinda was terrified and blushing near to tears. Yet she moved shaking fingers to the buttons of her blouse. As the button popped free, Terri turned from her girlfriend and walked to a tall cupboard in the corner of the room. Lucinda squeaked as Terri opened the door and selected a cane. The rod was about three feet long and a half an inch thick. Terri held the cane for a moment, then grasped either end and flexed the slender wooden implement. Releasing one end, the cane sprang back into shape, as though it had a life of its own.

Terri then turned to see her girlfriend standing nervously by the chair. The young woman was wearing only her pantyhose and bra.

“Pantyhose, too, Lucinda. And your panties.”

A single tear slid down Lucinda’s cheek as she bent to obey. She didn’t want to give Terri any more reasons to be angry with her and quickly discarded her silky undergarments.

“Please,” Terri cried, covering her modesty with her hands. “I’m so sorry! I’ll never do it again!”

Terri shook her head back and forth, and her blonde curls followed her movement. “I don’t enjoy caning you,” she said slowly. “But this whipping will teach you a lesson that you will remember for a long time.” Using the cane as a pointer, Terri gestured at their bed. “Now lie face down on the bed, and grip the far edge.”

Lucinda was sobbing openly, yet she moved quickly to obey. When the young woman was in position, Terri stepped forward and tapped Lucinda’s bottom with the cane, causing the girl to flinch. Terri then drew the cane back. The quick swish of the air alerted Lucinda of the impending strike, and her buttocks involuntarily tightened.

Then Terri unleashed the first stroke, slashing the cane down sharply with a flick of her wrist.

Sorority Spanking Rules – a work in progress

Well, my dears, I’ve finally begun my next story, and it’s coming quite nicely. The story is set on a college campus – three sorority girls who’ve broken the rules and about to find out how seriously the sorority president takes those regulations. And for those of you who have read Camp Spank, this story explores Kiyoko Nagamo’s early years.

“This calls for a celebration,” Stacey had suggested. Stacey was the bad girl of the trio. Pretty, with waist-length red hair, the girl was like a fiery sprite, leading Jill and Jennifer into escapades that tested all of their limits. Under Stacey’s guidance, the girls had many adventures that took them to the edges of respectability and university law. Once, the threesome had dared to swim naked at midnight in the university’s reflecting pool, embracing one another in a slick parody of a lesbian threesome. Another night found them dodging the college’s dull-witted campus police force after they “liberated” all of the mice in the university’s testing facility.

“We’ll have a party in your room,” Stacey said, urging Jennifer and Jill to enjoy their triumphs. She had clasped her hands together as though in prayer and leaned forward with a mock whisper: “Just a small one.”

Without thinking about the consequences of getting caught, Jill and Jennifer agreed. Their victories that week were too great to ignore; they had to remember the moment with a small but vibrant party. Later that evening, they smuggled both alcohol and boys into Jennifer’s and Jill’s room, admonishing the latter to keep quiet. The boys promised to be on their best behavior, yet the party had quickly gotten out of hand, and complaints soon found their way to Phi Gamma’s Sorority President, Kiyoko Nagamo.

Millford College was a co-educational university. Boys and girls shared classes, as well as the college campus. And one of the dormitories was even co-ed, with only a single floor separating the sexes. But several of the sororities at the university held onto the old-world belief that young women needed the protection and structure that a restricted house offered. Phi Gamma was one of those houses.

Only a few weeks earlier, two of the sorority’s pledges had been paddled by the sorority president after the girls had broken the rules by having a small bottle of vodka hidden in the freezer of their small univeristy-supplied refrigerator. They pledges hadn’t been kicked out of the sorority, though each had received a dozen swats with Old Ben, a handmade paddle measuring three feet in length. Kiyoko had calmly administered the punishment in front of the entire sorority, amidst much giggling as the punished girls cried out after each swat.

“Look,” Stacey had said. “We’ll have the party, and we won’t get caught. We can keep the boys occupied, so that they don’t make any noise. And even if we are caught, it’s just a few swats with a paddle.” Stacey had snapped her fingers. “Swats from a paddle are just piffle! A baby could take a paddling.”

Stacey seems to have it all figured out … but there are some surprises in store for the fiery redhead.

Keep an eye out for Sorority Spanking Rules – coming soon!

Tomorrow’s Caning – a fragment

“I’m going to cane you tomorrow.” It was a simple statement, straight-forward and without undue emotion. She sits down beside me on the bed and gently rubs my bottom.

I open my eyes and stretch against her body, twisting until I am on her lap and able to look into her face. I wasn’t easy to get my body over her knees, and the wriggling that I’ve done to get into this position has left my pajamas in disarray; I am exposed from waist to mid-thigh. I am also still foggy with sleep, having just wakened at her touch upon my skin. I remember yet the glow of the evening before, when my bottom was bare and smacked hard. Even now, it feels well-spanked and rosy, a lovely blush that seems to spread across both cheeks, filling me with warmth.

I love looking up at her. Her dark eyes shuttered with long lashes, the curve of her lips in smile, the swell of her cheeks as looks down at me: these things give me peace and contentment. Yet her words seem to hang in the room. But it’s more than just the words – not just the sounds they make as the break through my morning haze. It’s the way she said them.

The words were simple and casual, as though she was announcing a lunch partner, or a trip to the mall.

But that’s not what she said. Rather, it was a pronouncement of a caning.


I knew better than to think otherwise. When she said that something would happen, that’s exactly what she meant. No hesitation. No forgotten plans. Tomorrow, I would be caned.

The fog cleared as questions took their place. Which cane would she choose? Would it be the long one, she had inherited from her father, or the rattan she’d recently purchased? How many strokes? How much would it hurt? Would I have to count aloud? Would I be over her knee, or over her desk? Would she cane me before breakfast? Before sleep? How much would it hurt? How much would it hurt? How much would it hurt?

I want to ask her these questions – all these and more. I want the answers to my fears, but realize my greatest fear is that I won’t be brave enough for the caning. That what I fear most of all, because I know that she’s doing this for me.

And yet, I see in her dark eyes, as the lashes flutter to hide and then reveal, that she knows my fears; knows each and every one of them. All of my fears and more. She will gather me and my questions to her breasts, and hold on tight. I’m safe with her. I know this. My questions fade away one by one, as I realize that she’ll never let anything bad happen to me. And knowing that answers all of my questions.

“All right,” I reply. My voice is soft, and I’m not sure I actually say the words.

She licks her lips and smiles down at me. I know that she’s heard me.

I roll over in her lap and close my eyes as she rubs my bottom again.

I shiver with the anticipation of tomorrow.

Spanked for Spice – excerpt

naked woman in a bikini on a white backgroundSpanked for Spice – When Vivian steals the most valuable spice in the world, she’s offered a choice by the shopkeeper – jail or a sound spanking. But when Vivian’s wife finds out about the theft, only a caning will make things right. WARNING: Contains mature adult themes, BDSM, spanking, caning, and explicit situations. STRICTLY for adults ONLY. All sexual acts depicted are consensual and between adults aged 21 years and over.

“I want you to bend over this chair,” Luciana said to her wife. She used the cane as a pointer and tapped the chair’s back. “Grip the seat tightly.”

Though Vivian’s face crumpled with fear, she was relieved to lower her arms. As her shoulders swivelled, Vivian groaned with the pain. Her muscles were tight, and the bones seemed to crackle in protest. Glancing once more at the cane in Lucy’s hand, Vivian bent over the top of the chair-back. She gripped the seat below with her fingertips. Vivian’s dark hair fell forward as Luciana adjusted her position, pushing the young woman’s body more tightly into the chair so that Vivian rose up on her toes.

Janet gasped as Vivian leaned over the chair, while Laura put one hand to her mouth to stifle a giggle. A stern glance from Luciana silenced both women. Yet, Janet and Laura had an unimpeded view of Vivian’s full and naked bottom. And though Vivian’s legs were beautifully tanned, her bottom was firm, and a very bright red. A few tufts of pubic hair peeked out from between her legs. Humiliated, Vivian pressed her thighs tightly together.

“This is the second part of your punishment, Vivian,” Luciana said. She rested the cane on her wife’s bare buttocks, and Vivian shivered as though she’d been struck. “The spanking that Janet gave you was just a warm up.” She tapped Vivian’s right cheek with the tip of the cane. “I don’t want you to ever forget what you’ve done here today. And to be sure that you’ll remember this lesson, your punishment has to hurt so that you will never forget.”


The cane touched Vivian’s left buttock, and it was like an electric shock. Vivian raised her head and moaned.

“The spanking Janet gave you was nothing more than a prelude to this caning, Do you understand?”


Vivian nodded as another spark seemed to jump through her bottom cheeks. She couldn’t speak, even if she wanted to. Vivian’s stomach was tight with fear, and she had a huge lump in her throat.

“I’m going to give you ten strokes with this cane,” Luciana said, brandishing the implement for emphasis.


“What you’ve done is wicked. You’ve lied. You’ve stolen. You’ve betrayed my trust.”

Vivian’s eyes blurred again with fresh tears.

“This caning is going to burn like nothing you’ve ever felt,” Luciana whispered. “And I’ll see to it that you feel each and every stroke to the fullest.”

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