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Lucinda’s Caning – a fragment

“Remove your blouse and skirt and hang them neatly in the closet.”

Lucinda was terrified and blushing near to tears. Yet she moved shaking fingers to the buttons of her blouse. As the button popped free, Terri turned from her girlfriend and walked to a tall cupboard in the corner of the room. Lucinda squeaked as Terri opened the door and selected a cane. The rod was about three feet long and a half an inch thick. Terri held the cane for a moment, then grasped either end and flexed the slender wooden implement. Releasing one end, the cane sprang back into shape, as though it had a life of its own.

Terri then turned to see her girlfriend standing nervously by the chair. The young woman was wearing only her pantyhose and bra.

“Pantyhose, too, Lucinda. And your panties.”

A single tear slid down Lucinda’s cheek as she bent to obey. She didn’t want to give Terri any more reasons to be angry with her and quickly discarded her silky undergarments.

“Please,” Terri cried, covering her modesty with her hands. “I’m so sorry! I’ll never do it again!”

Terri shook her head back and forth, and her blonde curls followed her movement. “I don’t enjoy caning you,” she said slowly. “But this whipping will teach you a lesson that you will remember for a long time.” Using the cane as a pointer, Terri gestured at their bed. “Now lie face down on the bed, and grip the far edge.”

Lucinda was sobbing openly, yet she moved quickly to obey. When the young woman was in position, Terri stepped forward and tapped Lucinda’s bottom with the cane, causing the girl to flinch. Terri then drew the cane back. The quick swish of the air alerted Lucinda of the impending strike, and her buttocks involuntarily tightened.

Then Terri unleashed the first stroke, slashing the cane down sharply with a flick of her wrist.

Spanking Tessa – a fragment for @desiredarkly

I wrote this fragment in 2012 for Tessa Wanton, aka @DesireDarkly on Twitter. Talented and beautiful, Tessa is a truly lovely woman. Be certain to visit her Web site – http://www.tessawanton.com/ – and read her wonderful books. 

I wanted Tessa to understand that I was serious, and so I raised my voice: “Do you think I’m joking?”

Tessa’s pretty mouth widened into an insolent grin. “Of course you’re joking,” she replied, her eyes sparkling. “You wouldn’t dare.”

What else could I do? We were at a friend’s home, and even though we were in a room by ourselves, anyone could walk through the door at any moment. Yet, I couldn’t let her get away with her challenge; Tessa had to be punished. She was standing in front of me – hands on her hips – and absolutely beautiful in her lovely red dress. I was seated on the bed, fairly shaking with disbelief at her behavior.

As soon as the phrase ‘you wouldn’t dare’ passed her lips, I reached around her waist with my left arm and pulled Tessa across my lap. Before she could protest, I gave her five hard licks across her bottom with my right hand. I knew those impacts stung, though I wasn’t  trying to hurt Tessa. I just wanted to give her enough of a sting to understand that her bad behavior would have consequences.

As soon as the last blow landed, Tessa jumped away, grabbing her bottom, mouth open in amazement. I figured since she felt free to misbehave, I was free to give her the spanking she needed.

Yet, as quickly as I had whacked her bottom, Tessa leaned forward, grabbed the back of my head, and kissed me hard on the lips. Then, before I had time to react, Tessa backed up grinning.

“Thanks for the spanking, Alice,” Tessa said, laughing. “And the kiss.” Then she turned and dashed out the door.

Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels – #SatSpanks #ASMSG

Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels is available today! Follow Diana Street, a no nonsense private detective who spanks her way through a high profile murder case, while making love to the women she meets along the way. Wayward females learn that Diana has little patience with those who break her rules; and men in need of an “attitude adjustment,” fall into step when Diana snaps her fingers. Along the way, Diana solves the murder and spanks everyone who needs it.

Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

Twenty minutes later, I was in my office, the camera bag dangling from one hand. “Mona!” I was not in a good mood. “Why in the fuck did my battery go dead in the middle of a job?”

Mona looked up from her computer. Her brown eyes were wide in her sweet, brown face. “Ms Diana?” She was confused at my sudden entry to the office and demand. “I put in the extra memory cards.” she protested.

“Memory doesn’t do me any good if the battery dies.”

“But I didn’t know about the battery!”

“A good secretary pays attention to the smallest details.”

“But I just started today!”

I wasn’t in the mood for any of her crap. I dropped the camera bag in a leather chair and stalked across the office. For a moment, Mona was silent, though she wriggled uncomfortably in her chair. “Please,” she murmured and leaned back.

Moving quickly, I grabbed Mona by her thick, dark ponytail. I yanked her forward across her desk, and stepped behind her.

“No! Please!”

Mona kicked and struggled in my grasp, but I had a firm grip in her hair and held her thrashing form on the desk. Before she knew what was happening, I had Mona’s linen skirt raised and tucked into her waistband, and then snatched her panties down around her knees. Her butt was smooth and round, twin globes of light brown perfection. I held my struggling secretary on the desk for a moment to admire her sweet ass. The flesh trembled as she kicked her feet. I raised my hand high above my shoulder.

“A battery!” I growled. “You should have thought to put a fucking battery in the camera bag!” I took a quick measure of her beautiful round bottom before I let my hand fall.


“Count them.” My voice was harsh as I raised my hand high above my head again. “Count every stroke, or I’ll give you an extra 10 swats!”

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Spanked to Pass Her Classes – a fragment

“Are you saying that you deserve a spanking?” Jenice was flabbergasted. She knew that her roommate was struggling with her classes, trying to balance a party-life with the demands of her first year in college. “Aren’t you a little too old to be spanked?”

Ruby shook her head. “I’m never too old to be spanked,” she said flatly. “When I was still in high school, I got spanked all the time.” Ruby looked down and smoothed her short, pleated skirt. “How do you think I passed my classes?”

“Someone spanked you, so that you could pass your classes?” Jenice’s eyes were round with disbelief. “You’re telling me that someone spanked you while you were in high school?”

Ruby lowered her eyes. “It was the gym teacher,” she said. “Mrs. Riggins used to give me 10 on the bare bottom every Friday.” Ruby looked up at her roommate, her green eyes glittering with unspent tears. “If Mrs. Riggins forgot to spank me, I would go out partying all weekend!”

“Shit.” Jenice shook her head. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing: a 19-year-old girl was asking her to spank her bare behind, to keep her from failing her classes.

“If you spank me, Jenice, maybe I can turn my freshman year around!” Ruby threw her arms around her roommate and pulled her close. “Please, Jenice,” Ruby pleaded. “Could you, please spank me?”

Jenice returned the embrace stiffly. She didn’t mind a hug from another girl. Hell, she even liked it when other girls found her attractive. But this was different. This wasn’t girl-on-girl attraction; this was a request for punishment. On the bare bottom!

Jenice sighed, her hands resting on her younger room mate’s full hips. “Okay,” Jenice finally murmured. “If you’re sure this will help you pass English Lit, I’ll spank your ass.”

Ruby didn’t waste another moment; she didn’t want Jenice to change her mind. Releasing her roommate, Ruby threw herself face down on her single mattress. Reaching around, she flipped up her short skirt, revealing white cotton panties. Without turning over, Ruby wiggled and squirmed, till she had the panties down around her knees. Turning her head to the side, Ruby winked at Jenice.

“I’m ready,” she said. “Make sure you give me at least 10, and that every single spanking really stings!”

The Babysitter Extraordinaire 2 – excerpt from Penelope Jones

BSE-Vol2_smallAttention, my lovelies! It’s time for a few naughty words from the Bad Penny, a delightful spanking author with more than enough kinky thoughts to keep you busy for quite a while. Read on, my dears, and enjoy the excerpt below from her latest work – The Babysitter Extraordinaire 2

Penny’s New Book Release, Only .99cents

The Babysitter Extraordinaire: Volume 2

Book Bio:

Married life is hard enough, but when you add in aspects of owner/slave relationships, domestic discipline, BDSM, and Polyamory: life can get quite hairy.

Mr. Houston and his wife decided his intern, Piper Mitchell, would be a perfect edition to their “family” dynamic, and they hatched a plan to trick her into their bed!

Piper was set to babysit for them; Mr. Houston came home early, and she was caught red handed masturbating! He was just about to show her the time of her life when Mrs. Houston’s impatience got the better of her. Chad spanked his wife for her disobedience right in front of his intern. That’s when Piper discovered their rouse and the questions began to fly.

P.S. Mrs. Houston wasn’t the only one getting spanked! After a lengthy discussion, Piper agreed to a one month trial period of being their slave.

Sh*t just got real, and these three were ready for anything!

Delve into this threesome with your eyes wide open; you won’t want to miss a single “spankable” or “wankable” moment!

Book Excerpt: The Babysitter Extraordinaire: Volume 2

“Let’s just see what happens tonight.” Her thumb brushed lightly over the top of my hand as she spoke. “If things don’t work out; no harm no foul, right?” Her words soothed me, and the gentle squeeze put the dot on the situation.

I barely had a chance to nod my head before Mr. Houston’s hand snaked down between my parting thighs, and his fingers slipped through my slick pussy lips, and Melissa leaned sucking one of my nipples between her delicate lips, and her teeth sank down causing sparks.

“Melissa is going to show you how I like my cock sucked, and you are going to beg me to let you orgasm, simple enough, right?” Mr. Houston waggled his brows up and down just as two fingers plunged through my tight snatch. My head thrashed back as pleas of need spilled into the air around us.

Penelope Jones, the Iniquitous Bad Penny, is a saucy little minx who will drive you insane with her naughtiness and cheek! A writer of super sexy poetry and erotic romance – prepare to love both the woman and her works. Whether you seek a ‘happy-ever-after,’ or a ‘randy-romp for a night,’ Penelope’s the girl for you. She’s the sauce behind the ‘Naughtyville”, “The Naughtycouch”, and ‘Little Miss Notoriety,’ so come check out her blog for other writing projects, and what’s next for her at http://thepenelopejones.wordpress.com

It’s a visit you’ll never forget!

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